So you won NaNoWriMo. What's next?

Get feedback on your brand new NaNoWriMo2021 manuscript from a professional editor


So you won NaNoWriMo 2021. What's next?

Take your brand-new manuscript to the next level with early feedback from an industry expert.

What you get:

  • A thorough editorial report (5+ pages) from a professional editor
  • A followup 30-minute Zoom or phone call to discuss your revision plan
  • Enrollment in two of our online courses: novel outlining and querying

About the editorial report

One of team members will read your new manuscript with the understanding that this is a very early draft—and everything that entails. Our editors are industry experts and award-winning writers, so they are quite familiar with the many stages a manuscript must go through on its way to becoming a shiny, polished novel. That means you can expect fair feedback and guidance as you hammer out a revision plan for your next draft.

An editorial report comes standard with our narrative assessment and developmental editing services. You can expect a critique of five or more pages, single spaced, with specific suggestions to help you level-up your manuscript. Our editors pay special attention to:

  • Immersiveness—how effectively your scenes draw the reader in with concrete details and action
  • Emotional draw—how effectively your story creates a sense of anticipation in readers, such that they want to know what happens next
  • Voice—the ways in which your story, at the sentence level, convey a unique storyteller with a compelling tale

About the included courses

Best-Laid Plans

A map, a blue print, a novel outline!

Not everyone loves the idea of outlining a novel. Sometimes you have to write by the seat of your pants! But once all is said and done, you still need to make sure that your narrative structure serves the story.

We've had many authors enroll in this course for the purposes of outlining a novel from scratch, but we've had even more clients use Best-Laid Plans as a revision tool. 

When you get to the end of your first draft, you are in a much better position to see your story structure as it played out—from your brain onto the page. A revision outline is a great tool for assessing your draft and deciding what you need to do next.

Query Quest

Hunting for a book agent

You've just finished the first draft, so querying literary agents is still a ways off. However, it's never too early to start figuring out this part of the publishing world.

Many writers find it daunting to query agents, and the many "rules" can seem convoluted. With the help of this course, you will be able to wrap your head around what makes a solid query and synopsis, as well as what agents are looking for in your sample pages.

Both of these courses come with a series of activities as well as a ton of resources.

How can you find an editor for your nanowrimo novel? Look no further!

Ready to get started?

Our NaNo package is $500 USD for up to 50,000 words.
Above 50k words, add $0.01/word.


About the Darling Axe

We are professional editors as well as award-winning writers. We understand the intense effort and emotional investment you have poured into your work. It's our job to help you take your manuscript to the next level.

Work with a professional fiction editor from the Darling Axe: manuscript development and book editing services

Darling Axe Academy – Query Quest: a self-paced querying course

Darling Axe Academy – Best-laid plans: a self-paced outlining course

Book a sample edit with a professional fiction editor from the Darling Axe: manuscript development and book editing services

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