Planet-scape: a worldbuilding workshop

Planet-scape: a worldbuilding workshop

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Save the date: August 19 to September 13

**SOLD OUT – Stay tuned for our next offering**

A message from your instructor:

Thanks for your interest in our worldbuilding workshop! I'm looking forward to e-meeting you, reading your work, and interacting with you and the other participants in our Moodle forums. I aim to facilitate a welcoming, safe space where you can share your writing for supportive and meaningful feedback.

Since I will be fully engaged in providing individual feedback and participating in ongoing class discussions, workshop space is limited.

If you have any questions, drop me a line:  

Talk to you soon!

—David G Brown

A note on currency:

Cost: $240 USD ($325 CAD)

Workshop prices are advertised in US dollars (USD) as most of our clients reside in the United States. However, as we are a Canadian company, our invoicing is in Canadian dollars (CAD). In most cases, our payment gateway (Shopify) will convert the cost to your local currency based on IP address.

Cancellations and Refunds:

Your workshop fee is 100% refundable for cancellation within 48 hours of booking. If you need to cancel, please email as soon as possible. 

After 48 hours from time of purchase, the amount refundable due to cancellation depends on how much time remains before the course begins.

  • Up to one month prior to course: all but $50 USD is refundable
  • Up to two weeks prior to course: 50% refundable
  • In the last two weeks prior to course: no refunds*

*This is in consideration of workshop size for other participants and instructor scheduling/availability.