Book Broker – an interview with Linda S. Glaz

Book Broker—an interview with literary agent Linda S Glaz


Agent: Linda S. Glaz


Preferred genres: Suspense, romantic suspense, historic, historic romance, contemporary romance.

Literary agent Linda S Glaz with Hartline Agency

Bio: Linda, while an agent with Hartline Literary Agency, is also the author of eight novels and two novellas, so she “gets” writers. She represents authors in both the Christian and general markets. Fiction and nonfiction. She speaks at numerous conferences and workshops around the country each year. Married with three grown children and four grands, she lives the life she loves surrounded by words and word creators.

1) What stands out in a good submission?

Knowing that the author did his/her homework by submitting exactly what we ask for.

2) What's a typical warning sign that a manuscript isn't ready for representation?

An opening that drags on for pages without getting into the actual story.

3) What advice can you give to writers who are submitting their work?

Be sure that it is your absolute best writing that you are submitting.

4) How do you weigh the importance of each submission component (query letter, synopsis, writing sample) when determining whether you will ask to read a full manuscript?

If the first page and then the first chapter have me dying to turn the pages, chances are good I'll want to see the full.

5) Approximately how many query letters do you receive per year? Of those, how many will you respond to with a request for a full manuscript? And of those, how many are likely to receive an offer of representation?

It varies each year, but I get hundreds of submissions. Again, it varies, but probably about one in every 25 or so. I would guess, overall, my acceptance rate is about 2-3%. Again, one year might see more while another year sees less than that. But approx. 2-3%.

6) What is the average length of time it takes to place a manuscript with a publisher, and what is your strategy for a client whose manuscript isn't selling?

Each author is different. If historic is selling well, then those authors will see a better chance. But overall, I try to work on the author's complete career, and not just the sale of one book. I encourage them to keep writing while we shop around the first book. I also encourage them to write articles, work on social media, and to take any writing ops seriously.

7) Can you tell us about an exciting author you're working with at the moment?

I have so many, mostly folks who have really stuck with it, often for a couple years, in order to land the nice contract. So proud of folks who persevere!


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