The Forge: Coaching & Narrative Assessment

The Forge – Narrative assessment service for fiction writers

This fully customizable service is ideal for early-draft manuscripts, partials, stuck manuscripts, and novel outlines—and even would-be outlines. Your editor will support and guide you toward your next draft or revision.

What you need depends upon you and your work. This might include:

  • a few rounds of focused and annotated line editing to help you strengthen the rhythm and flow of your prose
  • a return to the outlining stage to check on arcs and overall structure
  • consultations by phone or video chat to discuss and brainstorm
  • a narrative assessment of a section or the entirety of your manuscript—this is a lower-cost alternative to developmental editing in which your editor provides a detailed critique to guide your next revision (but does not include the scene-by-scene annotations typical of a full dev edit)

Whatever you need, our editors are here to provide the advice needed to move forward with your project.

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