The Workshop: Line Editing

The Workshop – a book-length line-editing service for fiction writers


In our workshop, we sharpen your manuscript line by line, with special attention to grammar, style, clarity, repetition, and word choice. This might involve reordering paragraphs and rewriting sentences, as well as trimming and cutting as required. We will also add notes where additional clarifications or descriptions are needed. Above all, we aim to maintain your voice as we refine your prose.

After your editor has finished, you will receive two copies of your manuscript. One will include all changes tracked with comments added on the sidebar. The second will be a clean copy with comments removed and all changes accepted. Also included in this service is a customized style sheet. This is an editorial map for anyone else who works on your project, such as proofreaders, agents, and publishers. The style sheet is also helpful for future manuscripts, especially within a series.

Starting from $0.02 USD per word.

Please use the form below to request a quote and arrange a sample edit.