Query Quest: a self-paced querying course

Query Quest – a self-paced elearning course for authors seeking literary representation 

It’s going to be the premise that hooks me initially—a pitch that gives me a peek into a story with clear, compelling stakes and strong, interesting characters.
—Sharon Pelletier, DG&B

Few writers land representation on their first novel. Most literary agents sign fewer than 1% of the writers who query them. Darling Axe editors have interviewed many agents as part of our Book Broker interview series, and they all speak to a similar issue: most writers query before they are truly ready. 

This deep-dive course covers everything you need to know about the querying process, including examples of killer synopses and query letters, interviews with agents, and an analysis of the reality of landing representation.

More importantly, we've included six activities designed to help you hone your objectivity—your ability for self-critique. 

Query letters and synopses aren't unimportant, but the truth is, everything rides on the manuscript itself. If something isn't working in your pitch, it usually speaks to underlying structural issues in your narrative. Therefore, the intended takeaway for this course is a call to continually assess your work as you begin to test the querying waters.

  • Comprehensive guides on various craft topics
  • Directed activities and self-assessment prompts
  • Detailed and tested querying strategy
  • Agent interviews and analysis
  • Work at your own pace in our user-friendly Moodle site
  • Optional query critique services available
  • Affordable access: only $30 USD ($40 CAD)


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