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The Darling Axe Services

The Darling Axe provides manuscript development advice and a range of editorial feedback and copy corrections. Click here to review our services. Click here to arrange a sample edit and quote. This is the first step toward booking our services.

Pricing & Process

First, prospective clients send us a writing sample, ideally the first 5000 words of their manuscript. The Darling Axe editors will review and discuss your submission to determine suitability and expected depth of editing required. We do sometimes turn down projects; this may be because the draft is not yet ready for our services, which would be our waste of our time and your money. We may also decline a project if the tone or content is not a good fit for our services.

Next, one of our editors will provide a ~1000-word sample edit, which will be a blend of developmental feedback and line editing.  Your sample edit will also include our service recommendations, as well as a quote.  Click here for more information about our pricing.

When you decide to book our services, your editor will give you an expected turn-around time for the project.  If you need your manuscript edited by a certain date, please make these arrangements with your editor. Also, if you need to make any changes to the terms of your project, start-date, or completion date, please contact your editor as soon as possible

Please note that we do not guarantee that your edited manuscript will be a hundred-percent free of error. Also, under no circumstances will the Darling Axe and/or its editors be held accountable, by anyone at any time, for typographical or formatting errors, any narrative or textual inaccuracies, or any questions of originality or plagiarism in a published manuscript we have edited or provided feedback for.


Darling Axe projects are charged in two instalments.  The first invoice will be sent at the beginning of the project to secure your booking. The second invoice will be sent at the project's completion. The payments must be made in full. The final payment is due within 48 hours of receiving your invoice, unless you have made other arrangements with your editor.

Please note: service prices are listed in US dollars (USD), as most of our clients reside in the United States. However, as we are a Canadian company, our invoices may be sent in Canadian dollars (CAD). We always use a current, fair exchange rate to calculate the final invoice cost.

If you are unhappy with the feedback or corrections provided by your editor, please contact your editor directly to address your concerns. Your editor will be happy to explain his or her rationale regarding any feedback or correction given. It is a fact that writers do not always agree with their editors. There are many different styles and opinions when it comes to any art form. However, as industry professionals, the Darling Axe editors are familiar with a number of style options, as well as industry expectations and common reasons for manuscript rejection by publishers and agents. Our editors are providing you with feedback and corrections based on all of these factors.

Additionally, the Darling Axe editors put a great number of hours into each manuscript. Therefore, the total cost of the project reflects the time spent, and not a singular product. Disputes between a writer and an editor will be heard and given sincere consideration. The resolution of a dispute may involve further work by the editor, a discount toward future work, or a partial refund.

Integrity & Respect

The Darling Axe holds clients in utmost esteem and respect. We seek to cultivate working relationships that extend beyond the current project to span a writer's career. Therefore, we always seek to maintain clear and open communication. You are always free to contact your editor with questions, concerns, and follow-up considerations. 

Your privacy and your work are of critical importance to us. You will always retain full rights to your written work. Also, we will never discuss or share your work outside of the organization without your express permission.


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