The Gauntlet: Beta Readers

How and where to find a beta reader? Look no further than the Gauntlet!

Run the gauntlet with our hand-picked team of experienced beta readers.

The term "beta reader" means different things to different people. Some writers refer to their critique partners as beta readers, or even friends and family who take an early look at their manuscript. However, a beta reader is traditionally someone who reads within your genre and who can offer you a pre-publication perspective.

To be clear, beta readers are NOT editors. Their job is to tell you how your manuscript is currently landing. Is your story immersive and engaging? Are your characters coming to life on the page? If they bought your book in a store, would they gobble it up, or would they stop reading on page ten?

Our beta readers will provide an honest audience assessment based on a standard list of questions. Authors can supply up to three additional questions. 

  • Hire three beta readers for $0.01 USD per word
  • Hire five beta readers for $0.015 USD per word
  • Custom packages available

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