Cupcake Conundrum (Congrats, Dola!)

A big congrats to Darling Axe editor Dola Basu Singh on the release of her new cozy mystery novel!

Cupcake Conundrum

Cupcake Conundrum by Dola Basu Singh

Welcome to Marble Hills. A small town with big secrets, and locals who can murder to keep them.

After being cheated out of her business by her ex-fiancé, Tara Sen moves back home with her golden retriever Sherlock. When she’s chosen to compete in India's most famous reality TV show Top Baker, she knows winning the bake-off and the prize money can help reopen her late mother's bakery.

But when a judge snubs her cupcakes and drops dead after eating them, Tara becomes the prime suspect in a murder investigation. With her bakery about to go out of business, Tara knows she can’t wait for the police to serve up the answers.

Can the human-canine team sniff out the unsavory killer and save Tara from going to prison?

Cupcake Conundrum offers good, clean fun and absolutely no cliffhangers. If you like cozy mysteries with sassy animals, eccentric characters, exotic locations, and tasty treats, you will love this mouth-watering whodunit.

Click here to buy your Kindle copy.

About the author

Dola Basu Singh, associate fiction editor for Darling Axe Editing

Dola Basu Singh is an award-winning author and well-established freelance editor. She has been helping authors win contracts and publish bestsellers since 2015. Two of her clients won the Amazon KDP Pen to Publish 2019 contest. Dola has won editor’s choice awards from literary reviews in the sub-continent and India, and she has published a book that helps writers self-edit their fiction. A professionally trained fiction editor and member of the Chartered Institute of Editing and Proofreading (CIEP), UK, Dola lives in Punjab, India, with her family and other animals.

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