FPC 2022: The Shortlist

The First Page Challenge 2022 ShortlistThanks so much to everyone who participated in the First Page Challenge 2022. It was a lot of fun screening all the entries this year. So many great ideas floating around out there!

Eight entries in particular did a phenomenal job of grabbing my attention and making me eager for page two. One element always shines bright in those that make the shortlist: voice. An agent once told me that "voice is ineffable." Very true. There is no way to measure what imbues a narrator with a strong voice, but it's undeniable—an undertone of character that seeps out of the diction and syntax, the impression of a distinct person speaking directly from the page.

Here is the shortlist in no particular order:
  • Eleanor Binnings
  • Sandy Kundra
  • Brittany Davis
  • Louise Audrieth
  • Amalie Wad
  • J.A. Jablonski
  • Lynda Williams
  • Melissa Preston
A big congratulations to those shortlisted! I have forwarded their entries to Michelle Barker for the final round of judging. I'm always excited to find out who she picks.


Michelle usually makes her decision by mid-month. Once all the details are confirmed, I will post the winners on the Chopping Blog, and they will also appear in our next newsletter on Nov 1.

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