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In the run-up to a series of autumn writing conferences, the Darling Axe senior editors are offering five free webinars. Each session will cover a unique topic aimed to enrich your understanding and sharpen your craft.

  1. Setting the Stage: World-building for all genres – Understand the nuances of world-building and how to create immersive settings for your narrative.
  2. Query Quest: The Hunt for Representation Learn all about the querying process, what to expect from agents, and how to perfect your query letter and synopsis.
  3. Beyond Good Enough: Revising Scene by Scene Dive deep into the process of editing, with a focus on the two pillars of storytelling: reader immersion and emotional draw.
  4. What Teens Want from YA Literature... and How We Can Give it to Them Explore the disconnection between published YA novels and what teens actually want, with a guided discussion towards solutions.
  5. Imagery: The Intersection of Poetry and Prose Delve into the importance of strong imagery in writing, handling sensory detail, and avoiding abstractions and clichés.

The webinars will be held every Monday at 6:00 PM PST, starting from August 7 and continuing till September 4. They will run 60-90 minutes. Here are the corresponding dates for each topic:

  • Setting the Stage: August 7
  • Query Quest: August 14
  • Beyond Good Enough: August 21
  • What Teens Want: August 28
  • Imagery: September 4

With this series, Michelle Barker and David Griffin Brown aim to create an inclusive, encouraging environment where writers can engage, learn, and grow together. Here's your chance to connect with the experts, brush up on your craft, and make your writing journey a more fulfilling one.

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