Self-Publishing: Book Marketing 101 with Dave Chesson

If you have decided to self-publish your novel, then you have also decided to do your own marketing.  That is no easy task, but with the right support and direction, many people are succeeding in the self-publishing world.  For some, their self-pub success is such that they never pursue traditional publishing. For others, one great self-pubbed title can be the stepping stone to representation and a house contract.

One fantastic resource that we'd like to recommend is Dave Chesson's Kindlepreneur website.  There is a wealth of information here that covers topics such as market research, choosing a winning title, selecting Kindle keywords, creating an Amazon Author page, and most importantly, choosing a good book editor.

If you're going the self-publishing route, there's no reason you need to go it alone. Do yourself a favour and plug into the tools and resources at your disposal!

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