The Synopsis Skirmish 2022—2nd place

Congrats to Ng Ken Kern for winning second place in our first-ever Synopsis Skirmish contest! Here's what our judge (Michelle Barker) had to say:

I enjoyed the twist in this synopsis. The author doesn’t waste time with unnecessary details but instead gives a good indication of the action as well as a flavor of the genre.

Great example of a spy thriller novel synopsis

The Left Hand of the Dragon

By Ng Ken Kern

Jack Lawton is a former mercenary and Distinguished Service Cross recipient who swore an oath never to take another life, and who currently spends his days working as a taxi driver for the Chinese Triads, attempting to pay off a seemingly unending debt he owes to the gangsters. 

After saving the son of a high-ranking Triad boss from an assassination attempt, Jack is offered a chance to clear his debt in one fell stroke; all he must do is infiltrate an active South-East Asian warzone and rescue the young bride of the man whose life Jack saved. 

However, it turns out that the woman he’s been sent to rescue is in fact an underage teenager named Aya. Sickened, Jack turns on his employers and decides to get the girl out of the country and to safety. Unfortunately, the Triads don’t take betrayal lightly and very quickly put a price on Jack’s head that every mercenary, killer, and bounty hunter in the region is eager to collect. 

Together with Aya, Jack must now escape a country rapidly descending into chaos while dozens of bloodthirsty killers stalk his every move, all while attempting to uphold his vow not to kill. Unbeknownst to Jack, however, Aya herself is no damsel-in-distress. She has an agenda all her own: to avenge her family’s murder by overthrowing the government of the very country Jack is trying to get them both out of alive.

Ng Ken Kern is the author of THE LEFT HAND OF THE DRAGON and is the second-place winner of our novel synopsis contest

Ng Ken Kern was born and raised on the bustling, fast-paced island nation of Singapore. Growing up, he devoured everything pop-culture related; from Transformers to Tarantino, Rambo to Jack Sparrow. Ken’s been working Corporate for the past decade, but has recently decided to tap into his childhood diet of action and adventure to make a change in his life and dive headfirst into becoming a full-time author. The Left Hand of the Dragon is Ken’s first book.


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