The Synopsis Skirmish 2023—2nd Place

Congrats to Stephanie Hyland for winning second place in the Synopsis Skirmish 2023! Here's what our judge (Michelle Barker) had to say:

THE PRANA PROJECT synopsis provided a clear trajectory from start to finish, with a protagonist who has a strong goal and who fights against a ticking clock. The plot is full of adventure, but the story also explores bigger themes and asks important ethical questions. This was another synopsis in which I felt the author had a strong handle on their story.

The Prana Project by Stephanie Hyland

The Prana Project 

The Prana Project is a mind-bending journey through parallel realities and the grand possibilities of mind-altering substances. In a society gripped by one company’s greed, a young and determined protagonist finds herself at the center of a battle for freedom and the fate of multiple dimensions.

The year is 2045 and nRG Corp, known for its advancements in energy technologies and ruthless director, Dr. Zullner, has secretly developed a groundbreaking experiment. They have discovered that psilocybin, a compound naturally occurring in certain mushrooms, has the potential to transport human consciousness into other three- dimensional worlds. Intent on harnessing the resources of these alternate dimensions, nRG Corp plans to use the chemical to exploit the native inhabitants as a workforce.

Enter Cedar Willmore, a brilliant and resourceful journalist who stumbles upon nRG Corp's sinister plan. Driven by a deep sense of justice and armed with her local expertise, Cedar becomes determined to end the corporation's dangerous undertaking. With the clock ticking, she must gather allies, unravel the secrets of the interdimensional technology, and find a way to expose nRG Corp's true intentions to the masses.

As Cedar delves deeper into her mission, she discovers that the dimensional rifts she encounters are not mere portals to new worlds. Each time she jumps into another dimension, her own identity and circumstances undergo radical transformations. Cedar finds herself facing vastly different versions of herself: a fearless rebel leader in one world, a powerful executive in another, and a fugitive on the run in yet another reality.

While navigating these diverse worlds, Cedar grapples with questions of identity, morality, and the nature of reality itself. Each dimension she visits brings her closer to understanding the true nature of the cosmic drug and the price humanity may pay if it falls into the wrong hands. With her resolve and the support of unlikely friends, Cedar fights against time to bring down nRG Corp and save not only her world but countless others from exploitation and enslavement.

The Prana Project is an action-packed and thought-provoking tale that explores the ethical implications of manipulating consciousness and the infinite directions of parallel universes. Cedar takes readers on an unforgettable adventure that blurs the lines between science, spirituality, and the power of choice in shaping our destinies.

Stephanie Hyland, author of the Prana Project

Stephanie Hyland has a graduate degree from West Virginia University where she studied secondary education. First a special education teacher, the paths of passion soon pointed towards mental health outreach. Activism and time as an elected state representative gave way to a career in technical and content writing. A teacher at heart, the journey of wordplay has given this author a creative opportunity to educate on individual and social wellness. She explores complex science themes using a foundation of personal and professional experience. If not writing, this tinkerer can be found fixing typewriters and teaching old dogs new tricks.

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