Slushpile Standouts: episode three

Slushpile Standouts: examples from a slush pile; how to avoid the slush pile


Think you have what it takes to climb out of the slush pile?

In our third YouTube episode, two Darling Axe editors read the first pages of several manuscripts and pose the question: would you turn the page? 

Acquisitions editors, literary agents, and writing-contest screeners are often faced with a large slush pile: a heap of manuscripts that must be quickly assessed. What makes one manuscript stand out from the next? What snags and red flags will land your work in the bin rather than on the shortlist?  



It's not easy to receive feedback, especially in a public forum. As such, authors' names and manuscript titles will not be given... so there's nothing to fear. Go out on a limb, take a chance, and see if your first page has what it takes!

For more information about having your manuscript included, send us a note:

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