Writing Around the Kids—podcast episode with Kate Lee

Our very own Kate Lee, award-winning kidlit author and editor, appeared on the Writing Around the Kids podcast. You can check it out for free on Spotify.

Episode Description

Anna and Sam talk to Kate Lee about what it is to write for different age ranges and how she finds inspiration for her novels.

Kate is the author of six books for children including the best-selling Santa's Suit which sold 291,000 copies in 7 languages and the popular Snappy pop-up series. Her short stories and poetry have won awards at Shoreham Litfest, the WRITE Festival and the Bath Flash Award and have been published in anthologies including Restore to Factory Settings. Kate enjoys supporting other writers through her work as a freelance editor and mentor.

Kate Lee, Darling Axe editor and award-winning kidlit author

As a carer, she understands how can writing be therapeutic, but also the thing that may be squeezed out when life gets crazy. Kate, who lives in Horsham, West Sussex, has recently finished writing two picture books, one about expressing emotions entitled Big Bears Don't Cry and one about what home means to a very small ghost, entitled The Haunted Hat. This winter Kate is putting the finishing touches to a Middle Grade novel for ages 8-12. This story is an eco mystery involving a curse, a shady scientist and lots of bees. As well as words, Kate is a lover of images and maps, and you'll always find her drawing ideas (and encouraging others to do so, too). So long as Rupert, her beloved but naughty puppy, doesn't get to the paper first...

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