Free narrative assessment?

Free narrative assessment anyone??

**Thanks to everyone who submitted. Emilie has now chosen her project for July, so the free assessment is no longer available**


The Darling Axe has an intern!

Emilie Serna is working with us this summer as she learns more about the craft, blogging, online marketing, and developmental editing. Watch out for her upcoming blog posts!

Emilie will take on a narrative assessment or "advanced beta read" starting in July. She will be working with Darling Axe senior editor David Brown as she analyzes a manuscript and prepares a feedback letter.

Interested in a free critique of your manuscript?

All you need to do is send a short pitch and ~1000-word excerpt to (Preference for works of fiction between 50-100k words.) Emilie will select her favourite from those who submit.

Here's her bio:

Emilie Serna, Darling Axe Summer Intern

Emilie Serna is a second-year English literature major receiving her bachelor’s degree at Saint Mary’s University of Minnesota. She is a Mexican American, queer writer who enjoys writing and reading own-voices works. Emilie grew up in Muscat, Oman, but is currently based in Winona, Minnesota. She is working on her first novel and honing her editing skills. As an editor, she seeks to build close relationships with her clients while paying special attention to themes, character development, and pacing. 

Preferred genres: own-voices, romance, horror, literary fiction, YA, contemporary, and stage plays.

About the Darling Axe

We are professional editors as well as award-winning writers. We understand the intense effort and emotional investment you have poured into your work. It's our job to help you take your manuscript to the next level.

Work with a professional fiction editor from the Darling Axe: manuscript development and book editing services

Darling Axe Academy – Query Quest: a self-paced querying course

Darling Axe Academy – Best-laid plans: a self-paced outlining course

Book a sample edit with a professional fiction editor from the Darling Axe: manuscript development and book editing services

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