Clash of the Query Letters (entry only)

Clash of the Query Letters (entry only)

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The contest is now closed. Winners will be announced mid-month.




Thanks for your interest in the Darling Axe Clash of the Query Letters!

It's only $5 CAD to enter. 

If you want to enter the contest and also purchase optional feedback for $20 CAD, click here.

Once you have paid your entry fee, submit your story to

  • First place: $700 CAD
  • Second place: $200 CAD
  • Third place: $100 CAD
All three finalists win publication on the Chopping Blog and receive complimentary access to a Darling Axe self-paced course.

Submission guidelines

  • One page—maximum 500 words
  • Multiple submissions accepted
  • Only original, unpublished, unrepresented work may be submitted
  • Word documents & PDFs accepted
  • The winning submissions will be published on the Chopping Blog
  • All entrants will be notified of winners and shortlist by email
  • Prize money will be awarded via Paypal
  • Conflict of interest: authors who have previously purchased a Darling Axe query critique or other editing service may not submit work with which we are already familiar (previous CONTEST FEEDBACK, however, is fine)
  • Contest closes January 31


Screening and judging will be done solely by Darling Axe editors. The entries will be screened by David Brown. The top submissions will be judged anonymously by Michelle Barker. 

A note on sincerity

Some so-called editing websites host writing contests as a ruse to then up-sell contestants into paying to have their submissions edited. A shifty trick indeed! We attest that this is a legitimate annual writing contest, and if winning entries ever need some editing, we will gladly assist without charge.


The Darling Axe is not be liable for any loss or damage or for any personal injury sustained as a result of entering this contest or receipt of a prize or Chopping Blog publication. The Darling Axe is the sole sponsor of this contest.


The three contest winners assign first publication rights to the Darling Axe, such that we may published your query letter on our blog. Each author fully retains the copyright to his or her piece, and of course the full manuscript as well. 

Express agreement

By entering this contest, participants expressly agree to the contest rules and guidelines.