An Axe to Grind—the annual Darling Axe flash fiction contest is back

An Axe to Grind--a flash fiction contest by Darling Axe Editing

Tell us a story in fewer than 1000 words.

Our flash fiction contest is back!

New prize pool structure—an even $1000.

Yes, a big change this year. Rather than starting out with a "minimum $200" prize pool that grows with each entry, we will now have a predetermined prize based on the previous entry totals. This makes our admin processes simpler, and it gives people who are new to the contest a clearer expectation for the outcome. If the number of entries grows beyond this $1000 projection, we will increase the prize pool of the next contest.

The total prize pool is $1000 CAD:

First place: $700
Second place: $200
Third place: $100

All three finalists also win publication on the Chopping Blog and receive complimentary access to a Darling Axe self-paced course.

Entry is $5 CAD.

Entries will be screened by David Brown, with final judging by Michelle Barker.

Deadline: March 31, 2021

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